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Care is

our mission.

As an Advanced IPA member, you’re more than a name or a number. We want to know you in health as much as we know you when you’re unwell. We’re on the same team when it comes to your health.


That’s not just healthcare … it’s care.


Learn more about how our approach to care is designed with you in mind.


Hello, we're Advanced IPA!

Advanced IPA was established as an innovator in the delivery of care to Greater Los Angeles. By partnering with our members, we pride ourselves on recognizing and preventing serious medical issues.


Our physicians have specifically chosen this method of patient care. It’s just not enough to see you when you’re ill and do not have a hand in any follow-up decisions. By working with you in health, we work more effectively with you when your conditions require exceptional care.


Some practices choose not to serve Medicare patients. At Advanced IPA, Medicare is the heart of our organization. We understand how health changes at different stages of life, and we are committed to delivering the care you have earned and are entitled to.

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